Westbury Tasmania

A historic Village with decidedly English feel

The Historic Blue Stone Westbury Catholic Church
The Historic Blue Stone Westbury Catholic Church

Westbury Tasmania, the quaint yet beautiful Village in which to base your Northern Tasmania experience. Westbury, Tasmania features quality Accommodation, Exceptional meals, friendly people, things to do and see and best of all its just 2 hours in any direction from Westbury to almost anywhere in Northern or Northwest Tasmania.

There is an argument that if the English village is some kind of high point of charm then Westbury, the most English of all villages in Australia, is certainly a place worthy of visiting and languidly experiencing. Yes, it has everything a clichéd English village has. A village green, lots of tree-lined streets, old courtyards and stables, elegant old inns and so many charming houses the visitor could easily spend a day just wandering around the streets.

Westbury is really a feast of beautiful old buildings. It is lovely beyond belief. There are so many historic homes that the visitor seems to go on an endless voyage of discovery where around every corner there is a new and exciting building. There are so many superb buildings in the town that many of them haven’t even made the National Trust. This is a town with a true excess of delights.

Located on the Bass Highway 34 km from Launceston and 64 km from Devonport, Westbury is a classified historic town.

Day Trips From Westbury

Being Located more or less in the centre of the beautiful Tasmanian tourist area; Westbury offers visitors a plethora of options when it comes to sight seeing. From Wilderness walks to relaxing in a cafe; all within an hour and a half drive of Westbury Tasmania.

  • Trout Fishing, 10 Minutes
  • Deloraine, 15 Minutes
  • Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm, 20 Minutes
  • Ashgrove cheese, 25 Minutes
  • Launceston, 25 Minutes
  • Trowunna Wild Life Park, 25 Minutes
  • Tamar Valley Vineyards, 30 Minutes
  • Devonport/Spirit of Tasmania, 40 Minutes
  • Mole creek Caves, 40 Minutes
  • Central Highland Lakes, 60 Minutes
  • Walls Of Jerusalem National Park, 75 Minutes
  • Cradle Mountain, 90 Minutes