Things to see:

The Village Green       The Village Green - Westbury Tasmania - From the original by Joanne Mitchelson

You can start your Westbury Tasmania Activities  by turning south off main road at Lonsdale Promenade and you will come to the Village Green. The Westbury Village Green is said to be the only true village green in Australia. Certainly in the 1830s, with the soldiers stationed nearby, it was used for parades and archery competitions. Prisoners were put in stock on the green and it would have been alive with fairs during the summer months.

Some interesting Historic Buildings

White House
The White House is located at the western end of Lonsdale Promenade. Perhaps the most famous of all the houses in Westbury, the White House stands on land which was granted to Thomas White on 4 November, 1841. A few years later White established a store and domestic residence on the site and in 1855 it became known as White’s Token Store when he made some penny tokens which could be used to buy goods in the store. White left the building in 1859 and over the next century it was variously a steam flour mill, a bakery, a bus depot and a bicycle hire factory. After extensive renovation, the White House was opened to the public in 1971. It is a fascinating combination of its past history with a well-preserved 19th century house (it comprises a dining room, small sitting room, large sitting room, bedroom, attic bedroom and kitchen) as well as a Cycle Display, a Vintage Car Museum and bakery. The National Trust operates the property. For opening times and other information contact (03) 6331 9077

St Andrews Church
Directly opposite the Village Green and dominating the landscape is St Andrews Anglican church which was built between 1836 and 1890 – the foundation stone was laid in 1836, the nave was opened in 1842, the church was consecrated in 1851, the tower was added in 1859 and the chancel was completed in 1890. The church is noted for its fine carvings particularly ‘The seven sisters’ chancel screen. They were all completed by Mrs. Ellen Nora Payne who was born and grew up in the village. Next door to the church is an attractive two storey brick house which was built in the 1840s and became the residence for Westbury Council clerks.

Fitzpatrick’s Inn
Located at the southern end of town Fitzpatrick’s Inn was opened in 1833 as the Commercial Hotel. It was the first hotel in Westbury. In the 1890s it was acquired by the Fitzpatrick family who renamed it Fitzpatrick’s Hotel. It remained in the family for a century and gained a reputation as a fine hotel. It is recognised as a fine example of a Georgian Inn although it is worth noting that the classical portico at the front was added in the early 1900s.

Dr Wood Surgery
Dr Woods Surgery, 3 Lonsdale Street, Westbury. This house was marked on an 1832 map as ‘Surgeon’. In April 1832 The Garrison was a detachment of the 4th Foot Regiment later the Royal Lancashire Regiment, the King’s Own. Westbury was also garrisoned in 1832 by the 63rd Regiment of Foot, later the 1st Battalion of the Manchester Regiment, this is the regiment in which Captain Lonsdale served after whom this road is named


Pearn’s Steam World
Pearn’s Steam World on the Bass Highway at Westbury (between the Village Green turnoff and Fitzpatrick’s Inn) has over 100 steam engines ranging from trains to complex pieces of agricultural equipment. It is reputedly the largest collection of steam engines in Australia.

Westbury Hedge Maze

Located on the Hagley edge of town, the Westbury hedge maze and cafe offers a unique experience. Consisting of three thousand neatly trimmed two-metre tall hedge bushes, visiting the maze and cafe on your way through the town is a must. Westbury Maze and Tea Room




Day Trips From Westbury

Being Located more or less in the centre of the beautiful Tasmanian tourist area; Westbury offers visitors a plethora of options when it comes to sight seeing. From Wilderness walks to relaxing in a cafe; all within an hour and a half drive of Westbury Tasmania.

  • Trout Fishing, 10 Minutes
  • Deloraine, 15 Minutes
  • Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm, 20 Minutes
  • Ashgrove cheese, 25 Minutes
  • Launceston, 25 Minutes
  • Trowunna Wild Life Park, 25 Minutes
  • Tamar Valley Vineyards, 30 Minutes


Located 7 km east of Westbury, Hagley has some particularly impressive buildings including Hagley House (2km east of the town) which was built in 1826 by Captain W.T. Lyttleton and St Mary’s Anglican Church which has numerous connections with Sir Richard Dry, the first Tasmanian-born Premier of the state. Sir Richard was buried in the church grounds but later removed to a vault under the chancel. His wife donated the church’s fine eastern stained glass window.